Lecture on exoplanets and exobiology

Hans Kjeldsen and Kai Finster, Aarhus University, are giving a lecture that is open to the public on Sunday 13 August at 19:00. Free admission.

2017.08.07 | Rasmus Rørbæk

Date Sun 13 Aug
Time 19:00 21:00
Location Lecture Theatre F, Ny Munkegade 116, enter from the Department of Mathematics, building 1530

Astronomers have been preoccupied for centuries with the idea of planets existing around other stars, and science fiction literature is full of civilisations with strange creatures in other solar systems. Until just over two decades ago, however, the only sure fact was that planets existed in our own solar system.

In this evening’s lecture, Professor of Astrophysics Hans Kjeldsen and Professor of Astrobiology Kai Finster will talk about current and future missions that will discover and explore exoplanets. Admission is free.

Read more about the lecture here.

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