Geoscience: HyGEM Seminar

Closing seminar for the ‘HyGEM – Integrating geophysics, geology, and hydrology for improved groundwater and environmental management’ research project.

2016.02.12 | Christina Troelsen

Date Wed 06 Apr
Time 10:00 16:00
Location Aarhus University

In connection with the completion of the HyGEM research project (Integrating geophysics, geology, and hydrology for improved groundwater and environmental management), you are invited to attend a seminar at Aarhus University, where researchers and PhD students will present the results of the project.

The topics include areas such as new analyses of results of bore hole NMR applications, innovative methods for processing and noise cancellation of MRS data, incorporation of geophysics in hydrological models, optimisation of data collection for hydrological models, detailed geological modelling and quantification of uncertainty of hydrological prognoses.

The results have attracted considerable international recognition, and work is being carried out regarding implementation in both the USA and Australia. We believe the method has great potential for the national administration of groundwater resources, as well as good prospects for the export of Danish water resource knowledge.

The event will be held at Aarhus University on 6 April from 10.00 to 16.00. Attendance is free, but registration is required via this link to Aarhus University’s webshop.

See the programme at the HydroGeophysics Group’s website here.

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