Public science lectures (in English)

Using light to illuminate brain function

2016.02.01 | Laura Althoff Press

Date Wed 20 Apr
Time 19:00 21:00
Location Lakeside Lecture Theatres, Aarhus University

Professor Karel Svoboda, Janelia Research Campus, Virginia, USA

The lecture will be held in easy-to-understand English/Foredraget afholdes på letforståeligt engelsk.

Professor Karel Svoboda is the latest recipient of the greatest prize in brain research – The Brain Prize. We are happy to announce that he will give the associated Brain Prize public lecture in this series of public science lectures. He will talk about the research that led to him being awarded the prize.

Content of the lecture

The brain is the most complex system currently being studied in the laboratory. It consists of 100 billion neurons, the cells of the brain, which are interconnected in still mysterious ways. Electrical signals coursing through this awesome network somehow underlie our perception of the world and our actions within it. Scientists are continually searching for new methods to investigate the brain.
The last twenty years have yielded revolutionary light-activated molecular tools based on genes discovered in bacteria, algae, and marine organisms. Together with new types of powerful microscopes, scientists use these molecules to observe and manipulate neurons in the intact brain. Professor Svoboda’s presentation will provide an overview of these developments and highlight their importance for basic science and the potential for treating brain disorders.

Lecture / talk