The European Space Agency (ESA) is visiting the Steno Museum with a 60-square-metre exhibition truck.

2014.05.01 |

Comet chase at the Steno Museum

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta truck is visiting Aarhus on 12 and 13 May 2014. Come and visit the touring exhibition at the Steno Museum.

2014.04.29 |

Gastronomic meeting with molecules

The father of molecular gastronomy – Herve This – visited Aarhus in the last week of April. On Monday 28 April, he held a workshop for a number of Jutland’s best chefs.

Lars Peter Nielsen, Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, lectures before full houses three evenings in a row about cable bacteria (Photo: Jesper Volgaard).
The introduction to an interesting new talk in the series of public science lectures (Photo: Jens Holbech).
There is often a very light-hearted atmosphere among the large audiences attending the public science lectures (Photo: Lise Balsby).
The book <em>25 søforklaringer – naturvidenskabelige fortællinger fra Søauditorierne</em> was published by the Aarhus University Press.

2014.04.28 |

Successful Aarhus University lectures now in book form

For nearly a decade, the Lakeside Lecture Theatres have formed the backdrop for a unique Danish cultural event – the public science lectures at Aarhus University.

2014.04.28 |

Business delegation visits engineering exhibition in China

Extra efforts have been made today to present proposals by engineering students for media products of the future when the largest Danish business delegation ever attends an innovation conference in China. Read more (in Danish only here.

A detailed image of the enemy has been drawn
An oligomer – the figures indicate the size in nanometres, i.e. in billionths of a metre
Professor Daniel Otzen

2014.04.25 |

Know your enemy!

Researchers at Aarhus University have drawn up the most detailed ‘image of the enemy’ to date of one of the body’s most important players in the development of Parkinson’s disease. This provides much greater understanding of the battle taking place when the disease occurs – knowledge that is necessary if we are to understand and treat…

Aarhus University’s new research vessel – <em>AURORA</em> – is being officially christened by Minister for the Environment Kirsten Brosbøl on 25 April. (Photo: Aarhus University).

2014.04.23 |

Minister for the Environment christens the new research vessel

She is named after a goddess, cost DKK 40 million to build, and is ready for a little of everything. Today she will be officially christened AURORA by Minister for the Environment Kirsten Brosbøl.

Little auks (photo: Anders Mosbech), polar bears (photo: Peter Bondo Christensen) and walrus (photo: Peter Bondo Christensen) provide food for the inhabitants of the Arctic region. A new study will show how the food choice is altered in response to climate change.

2014.04.13 |

Large-scale multidisciplinary Arctic research project granted almost DKK 19 million

The North Water Polynya (NOW) is a unique Arctic marine area in the Thule region, and is the habitat of large numbers of marine mammals and seabirds. Massive financial support from the Carlsberg Foundation, the VELUX FOUNDATION and the VILLUM FOUNDATION now makes it possible to launch a multidisciplinary project that focuses on the area and the…

2014.04.10 |

Suburban gardens can give nature a helping hand

Even small initiatives in the garden can help increase the diversity of wild animals and plants, and thereby benefit Denmark’s overall biodiversity. Read more (in Danish only) here.

Ole Raaschou-Nielsen, Honorary Professor at Aarhus University and Head of Group at the Danish Cancer Society Research Centre

2014.04.08 |

Honorary professor will strengthen collaboration with health research

Head of Group Ole Raaschou-Nielsen has been appointed honorary professor at the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University in Roskilde. The appointment is intended to strengthen collaboration between the university’s expertise in determining environmental exposures such as air pollution and Dr Raaschou-Nielsen’s own epidemiological…

The fireball as it was observed from the Orion Planetarium in Jels, where a camera is permanently positioned to record fireballs. Photo: Orion Planetarium

2014.04.07 |

Fireball observed from the Orion Planetarium in Jels

On Sunday 30 March at 01.00 in the morning, a fireball was observed by the meteor camera at the Orion Planetarium in Jels, which is run with the help of Aarhus University. The fireball is thought to have been a meteor strike, and the hunt is now on to find the meteorite.

The four winners of the Biology Olympiad 2014

2014.04.02 |

Winners of the Danish Biology Olympiad 2014

Four upper secondary school pupils won the Danish final and are now ready to compete in the 25th International Biology Olympiad in Bali, Indonesia.