Funding for synergistic research activities at ST

The Faculty Management Team has granted DKK 4.5 million to research projects that focus particularly on creating synergy cutting across Science and Technology’s research environments and that have considerable potential to achieve external funding.

2017.04.26 | Christina Troelsen

In 2015, the Faculty Management Team decided to use funds for a synergy package that supports research activities contributing to building bridges between at least two ST departments/centres, where the groups involved have not previously worked together.

The Faculty Management Team has just granted 4.5 million once more to new synergistic research projects.

The funds are divided into three categories – research activities that create synergy regarding: 1) general research activities, 2) public sector consultancy, and 3) collaboration with the business sector.

Funds from the synergy package have been awarded to the following projects in 2017:

General synergistic research projects:

  • ‘Physiological and cellular stress responses’ with Lotte Bjergbæk (Molecular Biology and Genetics) and others. Involves Molecular Biology and Genetics, Bioscience Aarhus, iNANO, Engineering. Amount: DKK 500,000
  • ‘New algorithms for theoretical chemistry’ with Ove Christensen (Chemistry) and others. Involves Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics. Amount: DKK 500,000
  • ‘Interdisciplinary Chemical Ecology Platform’ with Bodil Ehlers (Bioscience) and others. Involves Bioscience Roskilde, Chemistry, Geoscience, iNANO, Agroecology. Amount: DKK 500,000
  • ‘Growth-ring studies of climate change and pollution in Greenland’ with Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz (Geoscience) and others. Involves Geoscience, Bioscience Aarhus, Chemistry, Environmental Science. Amount: DKK 496,000
  • ‘Targeting possible divergence in the genomes of farm animals by comparing with non-domestic animals’ with Nina Aagaard Poulsen (Food Science) and others. Involves Food Science, Bioinformatics Research Centre, Molecular Biology and Genetics. Amount: DKK 465,300

Public sector consultancy contact-making projects:

  • ‘Deep-learning algorithms’ with Ib Krag Petersen (Bioscience ) and others. Involves Engineering, Bioscience. Amount: DKK 500,000
  • ‘Environmental DNA’ with Anne Winding (Environmental Science) and others. Involves Environmental Science, Bioscience, Agroecology, Molecular Biology and Genetics. Amount: DKK 500,000

Business contact-making research projects:

  • ‘GEOspace – use and improvement of geospatial observations’ with Christoffer Karoff (Geoscience) and others. Involves Geoscience, Engineering. Amount: DKK 500,000
  • ‘From seaweed waste to plant bio-stimulant’ with Katrine Heinsvig Kjær (Food Science) and others. Involves Food Science, Bioscience, Chemistry. Amount: DKK 500,000

A total of 33 applications were received.