Open Science Seminar: Machine Learning for Materials Discovery

Open Seminars are monthly themed events focusing on material development. The seminars are open for all.

17.09.2018 | Christina Troelsen

Dato ons 31 okt
Tid 09:30 15:00
Sted Richard Mortensenstuen, Frederik Nielsen Vej 2

Designing new materials is a big challenge. The list of demands to new materials is long; it must have specific qualities, it must be strong, it must be reusable, or it must not contain specific chemical. Fortunately, our knowledge of materials is long too; both at a molecular level, at surface level, and at bulk material level. But how do we combine all the knowledge to choose the best combinations of materials or the best modification of materials to meet our demand. This is where machine learning comes in. The Open Seminar on machine learning will take us from basic understanding of machine learning to effective and smart use of this tool.

Open Science is a new type of industrial collaboration supplementing the traditional industrial collaborations. Open science collaborations invite anyone with an interest in a project in, and thus is a more barrier-less type of collaboration. Open Science projects are fundamental research projects but with a focus on future industrial needs shared between multiple companies/industries. Open Science hold monthly topical Open Seminars.

Participation in the seminar is free, but registration required.

Speakers: Ove Christiansen, AU; Brian Vinter, KU; Carl Schultz, AU; LEGO; Ira Assent, AU; Bjørk Hammer, AU; Kristian Ejlebjærg Jensen, Comsol; Søren Madsen, AU.

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