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2019.09.13 |

Danish-led research project couples academia with industry to pave the way for sustainable production of chemicals

The Department of Engineering at Aarhus University is heading a new international and intersectoral project, which will create 100 per cent pure, natural and sustainable chemical products by mimicking the metabolism of living organisms. The project is potentially ground-breaking for one of the world's most polluting industries.

Jens Holbech receives the Research Communication Prize as a recognition of excellence and innovation in the communication of knowledge from the university to the public. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

2019.09.13 |

Jens Holbech receives the Research Communication Prize 2019

The Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation Research Communication Prize 2019 goes to senior consultant Jens Dybkjær Holbech, Faculty of Science and Technology

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

2019.09.09 |

Competitive tendering of public sector consultancy cancelled

The Minister for Food and the Minister for Environment have announced that they are cancelling the former government's requirement for competitive tendering for university research and consultancy services for the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

Professor Dame Carol Robinson.

2019.09.09 |

Chemistry professor awarded honorary doctorate at AU

Professor Dame Carol Robinson is at the forefront of cutting-edge research in three-dimensional structures of proteins and she is an important collaborator for AU professor Poul Nissen. At Aarhus University's annual celebration on 13 September she will be awarded an honorary doctorate from Aarhus University.

Line Pedersen. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

2019.09.09 |

Master’s degree student in food technology awarded Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II’s Travel Grant

At Aarhus University's annual celebration 13 September 2019, Line Pedersen, who is a master's degree student in Molecular nutrition and food technology, will be awarded Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II’s Travel Grant of DKK 25,000. Read more about her and the other three award winners.

The four molecular biologists behind the spin-out company omiics (from left): Yan Yan, Morten Venø, Junyi Su and Susanne Venø (photo: Kenneth Frydensbjerg)

2019.09.06 |

Molecular biologists are successful with spin-out company

Four molecular biologists from Aarhus University have started a spin-out company that offers to identify very small differences between biological samples with a special technique. The researchers build on the experience they gained when they were students and postdocs at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics/iNANO with a special…

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2019.09.04 |

Follow-up on criticism of report on the climate impact of beef and veal

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen has asked Science and Technology to investigate thoroughly the issue about the report on the climate impact of beef and veal and take the action necessary. Preparation of the report has been deplorable. There has not been the necessary arm's length from external stakeholders, and this has called into question the…

Photo: Jesper Rais

2019.09.02 |

Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture recalls beef report

The DCA - the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture and the authors of a report on the climate impact of beef have decided to recall the report, as it does not live up to the university's standards for arm's length and independent research. The academic content of the report is to undergo an independent international assessment by peer review.

Photo: AU Foto

2019.08.30 |

We must clarify our guidelines

Media coverage of the DCA's collaboration with external stakeholders on the climate impact of beef has demonstrated a number of unsatisfactory circumstances behind the production of the report.

Headed by Esben Auken (centre), researchers at Geoscience are testing the new technology in a field west of Aarhus. Here seen with a key collaboration partner in the project, Irene Wiborg from SEGES (agricultural consultancy), and postdoc Pradip Maurya, who is preparing the measuring equipment for the test. Photo: Dorthe Lundh
Preliminary research results show that geophysical measuring equipment towed by an ATV can map out the subsurface and thereby identify where fertiliser from agriculture risks spilling into the aquatic environment. Photo: Dorthe Lundh

2019.08.30 |

New geophysical technology paves the way for a cleaner aquatic environment

Within a few years, it may be possible to better target the use of nitrogen by agriculture. Research at Aarhus University has resulted in a concept for mapping the geological strata of individual fields, which is one of the unknown, but important, links in understanding how nitrogen flows from field to fjord. Learn more about the research in the…

Science and Technology welcomed its new students on Wednesday 21 August. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU PHOTO.
The official welcome for the majority of the students took place in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU PHOTO.
The easily recognisable student advisers in coloured T-shirts made sure that the new students could find their way. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU PHOTO.
More than 300 'old' students helped enormously as student advisers to give the new students a good start to their life at the university. They deserve a special thank-you! Photo: Lars Kruse, AU PHOTO.

2019.08.23 |

Welcome to new students

Science and Technology offered a warm welcome to 1,640 new science and engineering students as they started their studies on 21 August 2019.

2019.08.21 |

New efficient method for urine analysis may tell us more

Our urine reveals our well-being and how we treat our body. A researcher at Aarhus University has developed an effective method of analysis for examining the constituents of a urine sample, using contrast agent, as a cost-effective adjuvant. This can have a major impact on future healthcare.

Professor Hildegarde Heymann from University of California Davis is now an Honorary Professor in ‘Advanced Sensory Methodologies for Innovation in Food Quality’ at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University.

2019.08.20 |

New affiliated professor brings advanced sensory science methods to innovation in food quality

Professor Hildegarde Heymann from University of California Davis is now an Honorary Professor in ‘Advanced Sensory Methodologies for Innovation in Food Quality’ at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University.

Erland Stubkjaer Christensen, a project engineer at the water utility Skanderborg Forsyning shows students a rainwater overrun which is part of a climate project in Låsby. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU.
Teachers and students inspect the rainwater basin at Låsby Søpark: (from right) Professor Niels Peter Revsbech, head of Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology, WATEC, Erland Stubkjær Christensen from Skanderborg Forsyning, and Michael Ramlau-Hansen from AVK. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU.
Lars Schrøder talks about intelligent water supply at the Water Summer School. He is the CEO of the water utility Aarhus Vand. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU.

2019.08.13 |

Water Cycle Management Course addresses one of the world's biggest challenges

On Monday, students from 13 countries started a two-week intensive course in advanced and sustainable water management. The course at Låsby Kro has been organised in close collaboration between Aarhus University and many of Denmark's leading companies within wastewater extraction, distribution and treatment.

Microscopy image of an entire fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster; body outline in green) with a protein central to the smuggling route (Nxf3) shown in red. Image Credit: Daniel Reumann, IMBA.

2019.08.09 |

Smuggling route for cells protects DNA from parasites

An international research team has now uncovered new insight into how safety mechanisms keep genetic parasites in check so that they do not damage the genome. In the long term, the results can help to understand and remedy some of the genetic problems in humans, such as low fertility.

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