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Chemistry Show captivates Denmark with polystyrene slime

Aarhus University’s Chemistry Show uses everyday chemicals in spectacular demonstration experiments to spread knowledge about basic chemical theories and principles. Right now, they are experiencing national success performing in Denmark’s Got Talent 2017 on TV2. Tune in on Saturday 4 March, where viewers can vote for the students so they can go further in the competition.

2017.02.22 | Rasmus Rørbæk

It looks spectacular when the Chemistry Show relates natural science to the audience. The judges were spellbound by the performance of the two students on TV2, and the Chemistry Show is now going on to the semi-finals, where viewers have the final word. (Photo: screenshot from a promotional video)

“I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun with nitrogen,” was the spontaneous reaction from Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen, one of the judges on the panel. He let his enthusiasm go wild after the Chemistry Show’s first performance in the TV show Denmark’s Got Talent 2017. Two students – Michael Madsen and Julie Kronborg – had performed their two-minute audition show, which included producing ‘polystyrene slime’ and fireballs in different colours, finishing off with a spectacular reaction by mixing liquid nitrogen with boiling water – *PUFF!*

The Chemistry Show went on from its first performance, and there was no doubt among the judges when they selected which competitors should continue. The Aarhus Chemistry Show had to be included! This means that you can watch and vote for the two students on national TV when the exciting competition continues with a live show to be broadcast on 4 March.

There are 35 competitors altogether in the semi-finals, and viewers have an opportunity to vote for their favourite. The two acts that get the most votes each time go on to the grand finale of the TV2 competition.

“We’re really pleased that we were chosen to go further to the big live shows. Performing with so many other competitors will be very exciting. The aim of the Chemistry Show is to stimulate interest and show that science and chemistry exist in many forms in everyday life. For the two of us on stage, it’s important to display experiments that can make everyone wiser and also provide them with an entertaining and educational experience. The programme’s motto is ‘expect the unexpected’ – and I can guarantee that we’ll live up to it,” says Julie Kronborg.

Aarhus University’s Chemistry Show is one of Denmark’s most well-established science shows, and has existed for more than two decades. The work is based on the motto that fascination and learning go hand in hand, and the performers therefore use everyday chemicals to relate basic chemical theories and principles. They use spectacular experiments and colourful shows to do so, accompanied by explanations that show the viewers of all ages that chemistry is more than just dangerous substances or a school subject.

The Aarhus Chemistry Show will appear in Denmark’s Got Talent 2017 on Saturday 4 March.


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