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Increased number of applications for degree programmes at Science and Technology

The number of applications for engineering and science degree programmes at Science and Technology, Aarhus University, has once more increased this year.

2017.07.24 | Rasmus Rørbæk

Photo: Melissa Bach Yildirim

The total number of applications for engineering and science degree programmes at Science and Technology, Aarhus University, continues at a stable and high level, and shows an overall increase of 3.2% in the number of first priority applicants. The total number of applicants has increased by 2.4%. This year, 5,218 young people applied for a degree programme at Science and Technology, 2,063 of whom were first priority applicants. Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen is very pleased with the increase.

“A very important task for the Danish universities is to educate young people and provide them with the skills demanded by society. We wish to support this societal requirement by drawing on the very strong academic environments here at Science and Technology, and educating skilled graduates.

I’m therefore very pleased that the application figures just released show that the young people pay attention to the need for more engineering and science graduates, and I’m proud that they choose to send their applications to us,” says the dean.

The application deadline for the higher education programmes expired on Wednesday 5 July at 12.00 noon. The preliminary count shows there has been particular progress in Computer Science, Mathematics and Mathematics–Economics degrees compared with 2016, with an increase in first priority applications of 20.2%, 44.4%, and 29.1%, respectively.

There continues to be a high rate of applications for engineering degrees, with an increase of 9% in the number of first priority applications. Particular interest has been shown in the BSc degree programmes in ICT and Structural Engineering, as well as the new BSc degree programmes in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering.

“The significant headway in the Mathematics, Mathematics–Economics, Computer Science and ICT engineering degrees clearly expresses a growing interest in degree programmes that, to a great extent, are demanded by the business sector. This is pleasing because it’s consistent with our great focus at present on the engineering and digitisation areas,” notes Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen.

Read more about the application figures at Aarhus University (in Danish only).

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