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Public sector consultancy

Research-based public sector consultancy

Denmark has a long tradition of making political and administrative decisions on a knowledge-based foundation. In recent years, it has become more and more evident that up-to-date, reliable and relevant knowledge is the very foundation of a modern, democratic society.

The core task of the university is research and sharing new knowledge. Knowledge-sharing is through publishing and disseminating research results, educating students and through research-based consultancy for government agencies and institutions, the Government and Parliament.

Consultancy is provided as part of "research-based public sector consultancy", which is a generic term for a number of services that universities can provide for the state and other players.

Research-based public sector consultancy comprises both the consultancy provided by researchers in connection with specific commissions from a ministry, and the research that forms the basis for the consultancy. In addition, a number of tasks and services are also included, for example in connection with surveillance, monitoring and contingency plans, etc. Both advisory services and the underlying research activities are carried out by active researchers.

The services in research-based public sector consultancy are stipulated in the framework agreements that the individual university sets up with one or more ministries. On behalf of Aarhus University, Science and Technology has entered into agreements with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark on research-based public sector consultancy in relation to nature and water, the Arctic, air, emissions and risk assessment, food quality and consumer behaviour, plant production and livestock production.

When the Ministry commissions research-based consultancy, society is provided with new knowledge and insight aimed directly at large and complex problem areas. Such knowledge can be difficult to obtain in other contexts.

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