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talent development

A cornerstone of the university's overall strategy, focused talent development means the initiatives and resources invested to attract and nurture the top talent at AU from completion of the Bachelor's degree to permanent appointment as a researcher at the associate professor level or the like. In other words, a period of about ten years or more at the start of the research career. The first half consists of the preparation for and the actual research training (PhD), while the other half extends from the end of the PhD programme, culminating in the first permanent appointment as a fully developed researcher.

Science and Technology has undertaken a constructive and active role in the university's efforts to broaden talent development to cover the entire career from the Bachelor’s level to well into the permanent appointment. The faculty focuses on the early recruitment of talent, and the former Faculty of Science was a pioneer in the early recruitment of talented researchers to PhD programmes, a model which has now been extended to all of Aarhus University and many other Danish universities.

The PhD programmes in Science and Technology are organized under the Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST).

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