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We help solve global societal challenges through basic research, innovative technological
development and solid research-based public-sector consultancy.

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Research is the key to solving many of the societal challenges. Science and Technology's broad research profile creates innovative and sustainable solutions.

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Science and Technology creates value in society through knowledge and collaboration with public and private companies and authorities.

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2019.08.23 |

Welcome to new students

Science and Technology offered a warm welcome to 1,640 new science and engineering students as they started their studies on 21 August 2019.

2019.08.20 |

New affiliated professor brings advanced sensory science methods to innovation in food quality

Professor Hildegarde Heymann from University of California Davis is now an Honorary Professor in ‘Advanced Sensory Methodologies for Innovation in Food Quality’ at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University.

2019.08.13 |

Water Cycle Management Course addresses one of the world's biggest challenges

On Monday, students from 13 countries started a two-week intensive course in advanced and sustainable water management. The course at Låsby Kro has been organised in close collaboration between Aarhus University and many of Denmark's leading companies within wastewater extraction, distribution and…


Fri 13 Sep
13:30-23:00 | The Main Hall on Nordre Ringgade and the Concert Hall in Aarhus
Aarhus University's annual celebration 2019
Aarhus University was founded on 11 September 1928, and holds a celebration every year to commemorate the event. We invite not only the university staff but also our partners, whose support for Aarhus University is invaluable.
Tue 17 Sep
13:00-16:30 | Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), Aarhus University
AIAS: Nordic Remote Sensing Conference 2019 (NoRSC’19)
The Nordic Remote Sensing Conference 2019 (NoRSC’19) 17 - 19 September will provide a transdisciplinary platform for researchers in both academia and industry, involved in the acquisition, analysis and applications of remotely sensed data to share their knowledge for the advancement of the field.


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