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‘Head in the sea’ – schoolchildren discover the wonderful world of the sea

A new teaching initiative about the Danish marine environment is now seeing the light of day. ‘Head in the sea’ is a communication project that particularly targets year 7 to 9 pupils. Via a number of interdisciplinary lessons, children and young people will have an opportunity to come in contact with the sea and experience the marine environment in a quite unique way.

2017.05.02 | Rasmus Rørbæk

Schoolchildren can now come on a voyage of discovery when Aarhus University and the Nordea Foundation launch a new communication project that will provide them with access to knowledge in a unique way. (Photos: Peter Bondo Christensen)

Denmark’s latest and ultra-modern research vessel – Aurora – is one of the key elements in the communication initiative. The pupils will take part in activities on board the vessel and at the waterfront, experiencing how researchers carry out their work. They will personally have an opportunity to study issues they have prepared in advance as part of the interdisciplinary teaching.

The ‘Head in the sea’ project is being officially launched on 2 May at the old harbour (Gl. Havn) in Middelfart.

“The project literally puts the sea right in our heads. It’s a sensitive and strong way to communicate knowledge about our wonderful marine environment, and will provide a taste of different maritime experiences along the coasts and at sea,” says Director Henrik Lehmann Andersen from the Nordea Foundation, which has granted the project DKK 3.7 million.

‘Head in the sea’ is a collaborative project involving the Danish primary schools, aquariums in Denmark, and Aarhus University. When the Aurora is not busy with schoolchildren and research expeditions, it organises events for the remainder of the population, who can zoom in on marine biology and experience the fascinating world below the surface.

“It’s our hope that the project will stir up enthusiasm for the sea among the Danish population in such a way that far more people take ownership of a very important part of the Danish nature,” says Senior Researcher Peter Bondo Christensen, Aarhus University, who is the project manager.

For more information, please contact
Head of Communications Tine Wickers
Nordea Foundation
+45 4070 3784

Senior Researcher Peter Bondo Christensen
Aarhus University
+45 2261 7949


Programme for launching the ‘Head in the sea’ project at Gl. Havn, Middelfart, on Tuesday 2 May:

08.30 the Aurora heads out with a group of pupils who will use the modern equipment on board to collect knowledge and samples for use during the rest of the day.

From 10.00 approximately 100 schoolchildren and a number of students and staff from Aarhus University and Danish aquariums attend different lessons on board the Aurora and at the harbour edge.

13.30 everyone is welcome to experience activities with the schoolchildren.

KL 14.00 the ‘Head in the sea’ project is officially opened on board the Aurora with short speeches by Chief Consultant Keld Nørgaard, National Agency for Education and Quality, Ministry of Higher Education and Science; Project Manager Frans Richard Bach, Nature, Nordea Foundation; Head of Department Hans Brix, Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University; and Senior Researcher Peter Bondo Christensen, Aarhus University.

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