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Journey to an unknown world

Travel to a marvellous universe when Aarhus University and British artist Libby Heaney invite you to take a walk in the unpredictable world of quantum physics. The Quantum Breathing exhibition breaks the walls between art, science and reality in an unprecedented way.

2017.07.31 | Rasmus Rørbæk

The viewer first enters the real world gallery space, then walks around and interacts with physical objects. The viewer can then put on a VR headset and enter the virtual work in the picture. In that virtual work, the viewer meets the virtual Libby Heany, who is the guide in that world. (Illustration: Libby Heany)

In a beautiful interplay of research and narratives by the Japanese author Haruki Murakami, Quantum Breathing uses the properties of the virtual reality experience itself both outside and inside VR to question our relationships and transactions with seductive new technologies.

The art exhibition opens as part of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 at Non-space in Aarhus, and is aimed for everyone with a curious mind, and with an interest in art, science or games.

“It is important for us to make the abstract theories of quantum physics more tangible. In the exhibition, the guests receive virtual reality glasses before they are released in this marvellous world. You get the unique experience of seeing quantum physics calculations unfolding in front your eyes. It’s like exploring another planet. The work is ‘alive’ and degrades our known reality, while letting the visitor experience a quantum particle in his ‘own body’,” explains the producer of the exhibition, Postdoctoral Fellow Pinja Haikka, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University.

Alongside the exhibition, visitors can take a break in the Quantum Game Cafe, and get a hands-on experience with quantum physics by playing entertaining games. Challenge yourself and discover whether you can play Quantum Chess better than the world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking, the man behind the ‘theory of everything’.

Juliane Engberg, Programme Director of the European Capital of Culture, is looking forward to the opening of this unique exhibition: “Having a hard time distinguishing atoms from quarks? No need to worry, because Quantum Breathing is about liberating your inner scientist and allowing you to play in the world of physics. You can experience the magic of quantum physics and explore the relations between art and science,” she says.

The exhibition is open from 4 August to 12 August 2017 in Non-space (11 Rosengade, Aarhus).

Read more about the project and exhibition.

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