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New head of the Department at Computer Science

Professor Kaj Grønbæk has been appointed new head of department at Department of Computer Science from September 1, 2018.

2018.08.31 | Christina Troelsen

Professor Kaj Grønbæk. Photo: AU Pure

Professor Kaj Grønbæk has been appointed new head of department at Department of Computer Science. Photo: AU Pure

It is a familiar face that will be running the Department of Computer Science. Professor Kaj Grønbæk has been at the department for almost 30 years, and has played a big part in developing and strengthening both research and educational activities at the department.

Kaj Grønbæk is an internationally recognised scientist, who has written over 175 scientific articles and is among the most cited computer science researchers in Denmark. He has had great success attracting competitive research funds and during his career, he has been the head of or participated in the management of research grants and project for more than DKK 150 million.

Kaj Grønbæk has many years of experience as a research leader and centre director at the Department of Computer Science, and for a number of years he has handled tasks close to the management, e.g. in the department’s research committee and as the chairman of the business committee. Because of this, he already has a thorough insight into the organisational and economic conditions as well as experience in managing activities at the department.

“I am very pleased that the position as head of department at the Department of Computer Science now has been filled. Kaj Grønbæk is a great resource at the department with a lot of experience, and I look forward to working with him as the head of department”, says Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen.

The newly appointed head of department is also looking forward to getting to work.

“The Department of Computer Science is an exciting and dynamic workplace. We have many research groups that are part of the international elite within their area. We have many passionate students that organise hackathons (AU-Hack) and win programming and entrepreneurial competitions. Finally, we have a very service-oriented administration”, says Kaj Grønbæk. “I’m looking forward to have all this as a foundation and lead the department through the great expansion that is planned as part of AU’s digitalisation initiative. This initiative gives us both the opportunity to consolidate strong areas and to start new initiatives.”

Kaj Grønbæk has his degree from the Aarhus University, where he received his master’s in computer science in 1988 and his Ph.D. three years later. He began working at the Department of Computer Science in 1990 as an assistant professor and later on as an associate professor. In 1999, he was granted a five-year Danske Bank professorship, and he was tenured as a professor at the university in 2005. Since 2009, he has also been the head of Interactive Spaces Lab at The Alexandra Institute on a part time basis.

Kaj Grønbæk’s overall research area is Human Computer Interaction (HCI) including Ubiquitous Computing – interaction with IT integrated into physical surroundings. This work lead to, in collaboration with the School of Architecture, the establishment of the research centre Interactive Spaces in 2002, which in 2009 became Interactive Spaces Lab under the Alexandra Institute. Today he does research in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality and Visual Analytics within the MADE (www.made.dk) and DABAI (www.dabai.dk) projects.

Back in the 1990’s Kaj Grønbæk was a part of the creation of the interdisciplinary multimedia degrees at the Aarhus University and has since then been the main player behind the establishment of the IT Product Development education at the Department of Computer Science.

Kaj Grønbæk was born in 1960. He is married, has two grown sons and lives in Aarhus N.

The employment as department head is a limited tenure until 2024.

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