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Record number of new students

On Wednesday, 22 August 2018, Science and Technology welcomed 1,832 new BSc and BEng students.

2018.08.28 | Christina Troelsen

[Translate to English:] Studerende på vej ind i Aulaen.

A record number of new students were welcomed to Science and Technology on Wednesday, 22 August. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU FOTO.

Dekanen holder velkomsttale i Aulaen.

Dean Niels Christian Nielsen held his welcome speech for several groups of students. This is in the main hall. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU FOTO.

fest- og foredragsforeningen TÅGEKAMMERET optræder i Aulaen.

As always, the TÅGEKAMMERET social and lecture association also took part in the welcome celebrations. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU FOTO.

Gruppebillede af alle tutorerne samlet.

More than 300 'older' students made a huge contribution as tutors to help the new students to a successful start in their life at the university. The dean extended a special thank-you to them. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

In recent weeks, Aarhus University has once again been waking up after a quiet summer period, and on Wednesday morning the university was buzzing with life and activity at Science and Technology with the traditional start-up celebrations for new students.

It was the first day of a new life for a record 1,832 new science and engineering students. Counting the coming winter intake, a total of more than two thousand new students have enrolled at the faculty.

Commencement of studies is an important day, not only for the new students, but also for the university and its employees, whose primary job is to educate young people to deal with vital tasks in society. Dean Niels Christian Nielsen made this very clear in his welcome speech to the students:

"This is a great day for us all at Aarhus University. You students represent the very lifeblood of the university!" he said to the crowd of new students who filled the main hall.

He also stressed that education is vital, not only for the university, but also for society.

"In a time increasingly characterised by post-factual knowledge, it is crucial that we educate young people so that they can go out into the world with the latest and most correct knowledge for society," he said.

The dean encouraged the new students to enjoy their time at the university and to exploit the fact that they now have 42,000 new colleagues to make friendships with during their studies.

The dean’s speech also included special thanks for the 320 volunteer tutors at the faculty who have spent the last six months preparing a good start for the new students, and who are now ready to help them on their way.

The tutors have planned three intensive introduction days this week to help the new students get started, both in relation to their programmes, and to learn more about their fellow students. Moreover, the tutors will monitor the new students throughout their first semester, and they’ll be ready with advice and guidance when needed.

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