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Open Science

The Open Science platform ensures that Danish industry and the university get greater benefit from each other’s knowledge and technology by combining industrial innovation with basic research in a completely new way.

The university researchers and companies collaborate across the board to create fundamental new knowledge in materials science that is constantly made available to everyone – and which nobody may patent. In return, everyone is subsequently freely able to use the knowledge to develop and patent their own unique products.

The platform is open to everyone, and participation is free. You and your company can thus choose to:

  • follow from the sideline and get access to all the latest knowledge as it is being created.
  • or sign up and take part actively in the monthly meetings – and transform your company’s new research needs into specific basic science projects.

The SPOMAN (Smart Polymer Materials and Nano-Composites) Open Science platform initially covers about twenty small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as researchers from all the universities in Denmark. The collaboration is particularly interesting for SMEs, which may not have very much experience with research-based development.

Contact Open Science if you would like to learn more about opportunities for influencing the materials research of the future.

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