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Research collaboration

Science and Technology collaborates every year with a considerable number of companies and institutions in Denmark and abroad. In this way, research-based knowledge and technology from Science and Technology help create completely new products and services, and interdisciplinary solutions that create value in both newly established and existing companies.

Perhaps your company is in need of research-based knowledge, equipment and know-how. The development and growth of an increasing number of companies are based on R&D. There are also increasing demands that the business case in all research is supported by collaborators such as industrial partners in research projects.

A collaboration between Science and Technology and your company via a joint research project is therefore mutually beneficial. Through a research collaboration, you ensure scientific focus in your company’s operations and development, working closely with world-leading scientists and research groups at Aarhus University and getting feedback from them.

if you are interested in entering into a research collaboration with Science and Technology, you can either contact the relevant field directly, or find out more about the options by contacting the Faculty Secretariat. You are also welcome to visit us on occasions such as Brainnovation Days.