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Interdisciplinary thematic centres

Science and Technology has established a number of interdisciplinary thematic research centres that make targeted efforts to solve the grand challenges of the world – the major societal challenges of our time.

The centres carry out work in a number of socially important areas, cutting across traditional subject boundaries, where there is a potential for developing research activities that can have a leading position nationally and be strongly positioned internationally.

The centres bring together researchers and students from different disciplines, creating synergies between the faculty’s departments and other units. The centres make use of the unique opportunities that exist in the interaction between classical science, sector-oriented research and engineering activities.

At the same time, the centres provide an access point for industrial partners and the business sector, both nationally and internationally. Through collaboration on joint research projects, we focus on developing research-based technologies and solutions to societal challenges.

The interdisciplinary thematic centres represent an ambitious research strategy with international impact, based on the faculty’s Strategic Plan 2016–2020.

Seven interdisciplinary thematic research centres are established in the fields of circular bioeconomy, materials, water, digitalisation, food, climate, and arctic research.

Interdisciplinary thematic centres at Science and Technology: