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We help solve global societal challenges through basic research, innovative technological
development and solid research-based public-sector consultancy.

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Research is the key to solving many of the societal challenges. Science and Technology's broad research profile creates innovative and sustainable solutions.

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Science and Technology creates value in society through knowledge and collaboration with public and private companies and authorities.

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2019.07.09 |

IT degree programmes fully booked

114 young people have chosen Aarhus University's three new degree programmes as their first priority.

2019.07.02 |

Methane vanishing on Mars: Aarhus researchers propose new mechanism as an explanation.

The processes behind the release and consumption of methane on Mars have been discussed since methane was measured for the first time for approx. 15 years ago. Now, an interdisciplinary research group from Aarhus University has proposed a previously overlooked physical-chemical process that can…

2019.06.28 |

Groundbreaking cryo-electron microscopy at Aarhus University reveals the first structures of a protein that maintains cell membranes

Using cutting-edge electron microscopy, researchers from Aarhus University have determined the first structures of a lipid-flippase. The discoveries provide a better understanding of the basics of how cells work and stay healthy, and can eventually increase our knowledge of neurodegenerative…


Wed 07 Aug
08:30-16:00 | Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies - AIAS, Aarhus University
Conference: Systems Neuroscience and Decision Making
Systems Neuroscience and Decision Making (SYNDI) is a small conference organized by Duda Kvitsiani (Aarhus University, Denmark) and Balazs Hangya (Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest, Hungary) around the general topic of neural mechanisms of decision making, learning and other cognitive…


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