2016.12.01 |

New energy laboratory opens in Aarhus

A new energy laboratory at Aarhus University will provide new knowledge about how to optimise a sustainable electricity supply in Denmark and the rest of Europe. Both researchers and students, as well as companies in Denmark and abroad will have access to the state-of-the-art technical facilities.

All the happy finalists gathered together. Each winning team received DKK 10,000 and the teams in second and third place received DKK 2,500 each. 
The ‘LactoPure’ team: Mikkel Vind Lorenz, Ida Bæk and Magnus W. Meyer.
The ‘A Meaty Solution’ team: Anders Lund and Anders Dahlin.
The ‘CompAir’ team: Søren Roesgaard Nielsen, Kristoffer Juhler Nielsen and Ram Sarusie.

2016.11.30 |

The Dean’s Challenge – from sustainable steaks to baby-saving breast pumps

The final of the Dean’s Challenge 2016 was held on Friday 25 November. During the 28-day process, the dean’s case competition attracted students from many of the different study programmes at Science and Technology. Nineteen finalists were ready on Friday with nine innovative ideas to solve the world’s major problems.

2016.11.24 |

Insects move into the stable

The aim of a new project is that Denmark should be a pioneer country for the sustainable industrial production of insects for feed and food products. Aarhus University researchers will collaborate with colleagues and industry to use organic residues and waste products to raise insects on a large scale. Read more (in Danish only) here.


Tue 06 Dec
13:00-16:00 | Department of Food Science, AU Årslev
Open house event in connection with organic apples and pears
Two projects are holding open house events at AU Årslev: Robust cultivars of apples and pears for organic cultivation and ProtecFruit.