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2015.03.03 |

Mapping lizard venom facilitates drug development

Lizards and other reptiles are not normally considered venomous, but a number of lizard species actually do produce and use venom. The most classic venomous lizard is no doubt the gila monster – a heavy-bodied lizard. As the first in the world, a group of researchers at Aarhus University has made a comprehensive description of the proteins in the…

Photo: Stephan Bernberg

2015.03.02 |

Inauguration of the Villum Research Station postponed

Due to the airline strike in Denmark, it will not be possible to carry out the inauguration of the Villum Research Station in Greenland as planned on 2 March.

2015.02.27 |

Do you use sugar in liquid manure?

Adding sugar to liquid manure can presumably reduce the emission of hazardous ammonia vapour by half. New research from Aarhus University indicates that sugar can replace sulphuric acid to remove ammonia vapour – for the benefit of organic farming and biogas production. Read more (in Danish only) here.


Fri 06 Mar
10:00-16:00 | AIAS (Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies), Aarhus University
Danish OIKOS annual meeting 2015
Advancing ecology and evolution research in Denmark
Wed 11 Mar
16:00-16:00 | Preben Hornung Room, Aarhus University
Mini-conference: Mentor projects strengthen social mobility
Aarhus University invites interested parties to a conference on social mobility among talented young people contemplating further studies.
Fri 13 Mar
08:00-09:00 |
Third quarter ends
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