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Professor Søren Rysgaard, Aarhus University, (left) tells foreign ministers John Kerry, Kristian Jensen and Vittus Qujaukitsoq as well as Premier Kim Kielsen about climate change in Ilulissat Icefjord in the Arctic. Photo: KNR

2016.06.21 |

Aarhus University professor tells John Kerry about climate change in the Arctic

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry saw with his own eyes how the Arctic is being particularly affected by global warming when Professor Søren Rysgaard, Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University, showed the world’s most influential foreign minister changes in Ilulissat Icefjord.

2016.06.22 |

Intelligent buildings make our energy consumption greener

It is possible to shift our energy consumption to times of the day when there is plenty of power from renewable sources such as solar and wind. At least to a certain extent if we invest in technology for intelligent management of our buildings. This is the conclusion of researchers in connection with the completion of one of the world’s most…

Black holes are beginning to turn up everywhere as we gradually get better at looking for them. We now know that there is one at the centre of our galaxy, and that both larger and more powerful ones exist out there. (Illustration: NASA, E/PO, Sonora State University)

2016.06.22 |

Tracing the secret of black holes

Black holes are becoming more and more important for our understanding of the universe. They are gradually turning up everywhere, and we are getting better and better at discovering them. But how can we find out about bodies we do not even understand, and which do not comply with the laws of physics? Here are a few ideas.


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