Science and Technology's vision and Mission

Science and Technology’s Mission:

Through research-based education, to ensure Danish society access to undergraduates, graduates and PhDs who contribute to the dynamic development of society competently and critically in the scientific and technical fields.

Through specialist basic research and interdisciplinary research, to achieve the most in-depth understanding of scientific and technical phenomena and connections.

Through research and knowledge exchange, to substantially contribute to Danish society as well as the global community with solutions for society’s major challenges such as renewable energy, healthy food and sustainable production.

Through research-based service and consultancy for the public sector, to ensure the best possible basis for decision making on issues related to the environment, energy, climate, food and agriculture.

Through research-based innovation, service and consultancy for business and industry, to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of Danish businesses and industry.

Through technical and development-oriented collaboration with companies, to translate technological opportunities into innovative solutions that can contribute to growth.


Science and Technology’s Vision:

Science and Technology's overall vision is to carry out all aspects of its mission at the highest international level and in doing so to substantially contribute to the continued development, growth and welfare of Danish society.

The goal of Science and Technology is to help ensure that Aarhus University is recognized as one of Europe's finest universities, and that the scientific and technical areas at the university are among the best internationally in research, talent development, knowledge exchange and education. This means that we recruit with a focus on quality, create the best framework for our employees and are always responsive to the needs and expectations of our external partners.

As part of Aarhus University, Science and Technology must be ready for as well able to create change, since the society we serve is rapidly changing. This requires a dedicated and flexible staff. Our organisation depends on our employees and must be characterized by dynamism, mutual respect, recognition, joint responsibility and well-being. This means respect for everyone's effort independent of their function or professional and geographical affiliation.