Public sector consultancy

Science and Technology is Aarhus University’s major player in public sector consultancy.

Public sector consultancy includes all the types of tasks that Science and Technology carries out for ministries, government agencies and other public authorities such as municipalities and regions, as well as international institutions.

Research-based public sector consultancy at Science and Technology mainly targets the food and agriculture sectors, as well as the environmental sector.

Science and Technology is a proactive player when Aarhus University identifies and takes on new national and international tasks in research-based public sector consultancy. Our ambition is to be the partner of choice when companies, authorities and organisations seek scientific knowledge and collaboration at the highest international level.

In collaboration with the Danish centres (DCA and DCE) and the university’s other faculties, Science and Technology will develop comprehensive new areas of consultancy for potential national and international stakeholders.

Public sector consultancy centres at Science and Technology