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Science and Technology offers 13 Bachelor of Science (BSc) programmes, 11 Bachelor of Science in Engineering programmes and 31 Master og Science (MSc) programmes (both Master of Science and Master of Science in Engineering).

Approximately 7.700 students are enrolled in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at Science and Technology.

The programmes are structured as three-year Bachelor’s programmes that may be followed by a two-year Master's degree programme, or as three and half year Bachelor’s programmes that may be followed by a two-year Master of Science in Engineering programme.  

See a list of the Bachelor’s programmes and Master’s programmes at Science and Technology underneath, and find out more about the programmes at bachelor.au.dk/en and kandidat.au.dk/en

Supplementary subjects

Supplementary subjects are modules that, in many cases, are mandatory in a Bachelor's programme, but may also be an option students can choose. Supplementary subjects give students the opportunity to shape their education and create their own profile. Supplementary subjects are also for those students who want to become teachers at upper secondary schools.

In many of the programmes at Science and Technology, namely biology, computer science, physics, geology, chemistry, mathematics and molecular biology, there is the option and the requirement to take supplementary subjects that are outside the central subject.

For more information on supplementary subjects see bachelor.au.dk/en/supplementary-subject

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